Verdict's family statement.

My mother, Kay Gilderdale, has today been found “not guilty” of attempted

murder of Lynn Gilderdale my sister, in early December 2008.

On behalf of Mum and Lynn’s family and friends, I would like to thank the

judge and the jury for their compassion and fair and just considerations.

We believe this “not guilty” verdict properly reflects the selfless actions

my mother took, on finding that Lynn had decided to take her own life, to

make her daughter’s final moments as peaceful and painless as possible.

These actions exhibit the same qualities of dedication, love and care that

Mum unwaveringly demonstrated throughout the 17 years of Lynn’s severe

illness. I am very proud of her, and I hope that she will now be afforded

the peace she deserves to rebuild her life and finally grieve the death of

her daughter.

Thank you very much.

This statement was issued by Lynn's brother, Stephen, after the verdict was issued.

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